Your Comfort is Our Greatest Concern. For that reason, we offer several services to give you a relaxing experience:

Flat Screen TVs: All of our treatment rooms have flat screen TVs which can move above you when you lay back  in the dental chair. Enjoy cable television during your dental appointment.

Children's Playroom: We offer children their own separate room with video game systems (Playstation 3 and Nintendo Gamecube). They can stay entertained while waiting for their turn.

Netbooks: We offer netbooks in the lobby for patients to catch up on e-mails or surf the net while we get your room ready.

Massaging Dental Chairs: Your state-of-the-art dental chairs have ultra-leather outside and a memory-foam cushion on the inside. They also have a gentle, rolling massage feature to relax your back and shoulders during your appointment.

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas): We have a nitrous oxide system for any patient who is nervous about their dental treatment. We can also prescribe a relaxer to help you the night before your appointment.